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natural healing for autoimmune illnesses, energy healing and counseling, Miami

Jed Shlackman, LMHC, assists clients in the Miami and South Florida area who are seeking support with adressing their mental and physical health challenges in a holistic manner, providing mind-body therapies, energy healing, and holistic wellness coaching. Here Jed has provided an explanation of his approach to addressing these issues.

Autoimmune Illnesses - Natural Holistic Healing Treatments, True Recovery

Chronic inflammatory conditions such as lupus, MS, Hashimoto's disease, and fibromyalgia, involve the body's immune system being in a state of chronic stimulation that coincides with damage to tissues or organs of the body. The conventional medicine paradigm sees this as the body mistakenly attacking itself, and consequently uses immune suppressing drugs to reduce the pain and inflammation. That approach merely gives short term symptom relief and has not aided in truly healing these illnesses. In fact, the side effects of the immune suppressing drugs are themselves often quite debilitating and potentially fatal.

If we look at natural and alternative therapies that seem to help with the various inflammatory conditions we find some common factors. These therapies tend to reduce stress, support digestion and detoxification, nourish the immune system, and heal emotional traumas. What can we deduce from all of this?

The chronic inflammatory condition arises from some sort of overload of stress (often due to combined physical and emotional factors, such as emotions related to trauma and abuse, as well as exposure to drugs, environmental toxins, and also significant physical injuries). When that occurs the immune system becomes weakened and toxins can build up along with microbes (bacteria, viruses, etc.) The inflammatory process is in a sense an incomplete immune response that is failing to fully address an infection or clear out endogenous or exogenous toxins. Once a danger or threat has been removed the body returns to its equilibrium and inflammation naturally goes away. The body is not actually attacking itself, it is attenmpting to deal with the threat from whatever actually is harming it. With these conditions that have been commonly labeled "autoimmune," the body recognizes that the threat remains so it doesn't halt the immune response. By suppressing the immune response with drugs the potential for an infection to progress even further is created, which is why these autoimmune illnesses often have a poor prognosis when treated by conventional pharmaceutical medicine.

This is similar to what happens when modern medicine treats an infection with fever suppressing drugs. The fever is actually an emergency virus suppressing response of the immune system (the increased body temperature halts viral DNA replication and gives the immune system time to target and destroy the virus throughout the body). In that scenario the suppression of a fever can help an infection progress deeper. With autoimmune inflammatory conditions the anti-inflammatory immune suppressing medicines are treating an unpleasant symptom but that symptom is a part of how the body is seeking to protect itself and overcome a chronic infection. The ideal treatment approach would be to offer all the support needed to assist the body in generating a healthy and effective immune response. This would include healing the gut (gastrointestinal issues), providing proper nourishment, clearing out disruptive toxins such as heavy metals, and giving non-toxic remedies to kill pathogens (oxygen therapies, colloidal silver, garlic extract, oregano oil, olive leaf extract, Vitamin C, etc.) Also, helping alleviate emotional distress and self-defeating subconscious thought processes would be vital, as the psyche governs the energy field that fuels the life energy of the body.

We are recognizing now more and more that these same processes of toxins and pathogens in the body triggering chronic inflammation are fostering multiple modern disease epidemics. From arthritis and autism to alzheimer's and fibromyalgia, you will often find heavy metal toxins, viruses, and chronic immune activation. The body can cleanse and heal itself when the energy system is flowing smoothly and stresses aren't interfering. Healing practitioners can provide assistance in helping address these stresses and helping the body recover from them.

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Books On The Psychospiritual Root Causes Of Health Issues:

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