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PsychoSpiritual Counseling & Coaching: Life Coaching With A Holistic Approach

PsychoSpiritual Counseling & Life Coaching

Jed is an integrative holistic healer and personal guide who has explored a variety of spiritual teachings, seeking to understand the deepest spiritual truths and practical principles which guide our lives and underly the journey of our souls here on Earth and beyond. This has included working with spiritual mediums and examining the accounts of those who have Near-Death and Out-Of-Body experiences, as well as mystics, shamans, and other spiritual adepts. Jed also has degrees in psychology and counseling and many years of experiences assisting people with personal challenges and personal goals. Jed is also a gifted spiritual energy healer who tunes in energetically to identify areas of personal imbalance, trauma, or tension, to help release energy blocks that hold you back from reaching your potential. Jed can perceive the aura of energy that envelopes the physical body/form and is aware that we are much more than our physical bodies. Jed has been ordained by the Universal Life Church and is able to provide spiritual healing and other ministerial services. Jed has gained additional insight into the journey of our souls and principles guiding our spiritual development while using hypnosis to help individuals gain wisdom from their soul and other spiritual guides. The various resources provided in sessions with Jed are intended to help empower you to have self-confidence, self-love, self-acceptance, and practical skills to pursue your dreams and manifest them as reality. Jed seeks to help clients see and understand things from the highest perspective available to them.

As your coach Jed is committed to helping you build self-awareness and empower your commitment toward taking the steps that will lead your toward your personal goals and becoming the person you desire to be.

Jed is a counselor and healer based in the Miami, South Florida area, who offers spiritual guidance and support to help you access your own inner guidance and wisdom and help you make shifts in your life and release old patterns and blocks. "I am honored to help facilitate this with those who seek my assistance, and I honor each of you on your healing journey."

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Online Info & Resources For Spiritual Teachings

Note: I offer these resource lists for your examination and exploration. I do not necessarily agree with all the views presented on various WWW sites or in books. Read, explore, and come to your own conclusions!

  • Conversations With God Organization
  • HeartScience Foundation: Living Energy Universe
  • Gary Zukav's Science & Spirituality
  • James Redfield's Celestine Vision
  • David Wilcock's Divine Cosmos
  • The Great Illusion
  • Dr. Rupert Sheldrake Online: Morphic Fields
  • A Course In Miracles
  • CTP Energy Systems - The Conscious Network Of Energy Behind Everything
  • The Field Online
  • Science & Spirit
  • Institute Of Noetic Sciences
  • The Monroe Institute: Out Of Body Travel, Hemi-Sync, & Human Potential
  • Dan Millman, The Peaceful Warrior
  • American Society Of Dowsers
  • Don Miguel Ruiz, Toltec Shaman
  • CenterPointe Research: Personal Growth & HoloSync Audio
  • Meditation Center
  • Going Deeper
  • The New Perspective
  • The Teachings Of Abraham - Law Of Attraction & More
  • Gaia TV - Holistic Video Shows for Personal Development & Awareness

    Some Spiritual Books

    Conversations With God & other books, by Neale Donald Walsch
    The Celestine Prophecy & other books, by James Redfield
    Teachings Of Abraham books, by Esther Hicks/Jerry Hicks
    Journeys Out Of Body/Far Journeys/Ultimate Journey, by Robert Monroe
    Messages From The Masters, by Brian Weiss, M.D.
    Tao Te Ching, by Lao Tsu
    Seat Of The Soul, by Gary Zukav
    Consciousness, Creation, And Existence: A Guide To The Grand Adventure, by Jed Shlackman
    The Power Of Now & The New Earth, by Eckhart Tolle
    Bringers Of The Dawn, Family Of Light, & Path To Empowerment, by Barbara Marciniak
    How To Know God, by Deepak Chopra
    Dark Side Of The Light Chasers, by Debbie Ford
    You Can Heal Your Life, by Louise Hay
    Exploring The Afterlife series, by Bruce Moen
    The New Perspective, by Ron & Denny Reynolds

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