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Healing Anxiety

Jed Shlackman, LMHC, treats clients in the Miami and South Florida area who have experienced a variety of mental health issues, including anxiety disorders. Here Jed has provided an explanation of his approach to addressing these issues.

Anxiety is a psychological state that involves thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and biochemical changes. Anxiety may be specific to certain triggers or situations, such as with phobias, or it may be generalized to a chronic sense of worry or unease. Common examples of anxiety difficulties include panic attacks, separation anxiety, social anxiety/social phobia, post-traumatic stress syndrome, and generalized anxiety. Anxiety treatment can involve changing conscious and subconscious thought patterns, releasing emotional energies and imprints through bodywork or energywork, biofeedback and relaxation techniques, and biochemical balancing with diet, nutrition, and herbal therapies. Mind-body therapies are particularly helpful in resolving anxiety difficulties since anxiety tends to build in a mind-body feedback loop - and can be dissipated using the mind-body connection as well. Hypnosis, energy psychology, energy healing, cognitive retraining, spiritual support, and nutritional support are all valuable resources in helping a person heal from anxiety challenges. Jed's approach considers a wide range of elements in helping relieve patterns of fear and anxiety. People can experience lasting relief from anxiety without needing to use any medications, since there are therapies that address the root causes of anxiety symptoms. If you wish to gain freedom from fear you have the opportunity to make powerful shifts that enable you to live life more fully and confidently. You can release anything from your past that has been holding you back... if that is your desire.

Jed has worked with many people of all ages to help them shift their mental and emotional patterns and revitalize their lives. If you are feeling anxious or overstressed there is definitely hope for you to transform yourself and find peace and happiness in your life. Anxiety is not something ordained by genetics (there can be tendencies we tune into from our ancestors, yet we each have the power to create our own consciousness and our own way of being). It is not something that we have to constantly struggle with throughout our lives (although, some people do not find effective help or ways to overcome anxiety and do continue to struggle). Anxiety is not something that necessitates taking drugs (prescription or recreational), even though many people use chemical ingestants to temporarily override what they are feeling. Anxiety is a state that can and does change when our consciousness and energy states change, and a variety of natural therapies, including hypnosis, energy healing, energy psychology, nutrition, breathwork, herbs, and other approaches have helped people heal from anxiety.

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Notice: When scheduling an appointment please be aware that 24 hour notice is required for postponements. If you cancel with at least 24 hour notice you may reschedule your session for a later date with no additional charge - there is no refund option. You are responsibile for arriving on time for your appointments and honoring the therapist's commitment of time to serve you.

Recommended books for supplemental information:
The Natural Medicine Guide To Anxiety, by Stephanie Marohn
The Instinct To Heal: Curing Stress, Anxiety, And Depression Without Drugs And Without Talk Therapy, by David Servan-Schreiber, M.D., Ph.D.
The Brain Chemistry Diet : The Personalized Prescription For Balancing Mood, Relieving Stress, & Conquering Depression, Based On Your Personality Profile, by Michael Lesser, M.D.
The Food-Mood-Body Connection: Nutrition Based & Environmental Approaches To Mental Health & Physical Well-being, by Gary Null, Ph.D.

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